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    [Coincidence.046] Rebekah: Who Poisoned Ivy
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    14/10/2005 9:47
    De Zwevezele
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    Coincidence.046: Rebekah: Who Poisoned Ivy

    Artist: Rebekah
    Title: Who Poisoned Ivy
    Label: Coincidence Records
    Format: Digital


    01. Who Poisoned Ivy
    02. Who Poisoned Ivy - Dark Chambers Remix
    03. BB's At Dawn

    Soundclips: ... ncidence-046-rebekah-who/

    Mastered by: Misjah at 24Mastering

    Distributed by: N.E.W.S. Distribution,

    Available from these stores and more:

    Zero Inch

    Words words words.

    Birmingham's daughter Rebekah is not easy to catch in just one single phrase, but these days she's a talented dj that not only managed to move various dance floors worldwide but also produced serious techno bangers on labels like Naked Lunch or Manual Music.

    So, enter her first release for Coincidence Records. The first track she sent us, Who Poisoned Ivy, left little interpretation to what she was intending to do: immediately blasting of with her signature dark distorted basskicks and on to a track that relies on that typical sound of Berlin's infamous club who's name shall not be uttered.

    Her co-producer Dark Chambers (with whom Rebekah is setting up a label of their own) signed for the remix, which has a bit of... well, darker sound. Heavy on the bass, spooky sounds in the back, and yet keeping it very dancefloor friendly.

    Last but not least is "BB's At Dawn" which is my favourite. Keeping it rather restrained, with percussion vaguely resembling early Shinedoe, and and eerie string in the background that is the ideal backdrop for the simple yet effective stabs.

    All tracks were mastered by Misjah from 24Mastering in Holland.

    Oh, and if you are one of those few that actually reads these promo babbling, you will know first that Rebekah will be performing on Europe's biggest mid summer dance festival on the Coincidence stage. You didn't hear that from us.


    Angel Molina
    My support to this! 'BB's At Dawn' my fave track on it, thanks!!!!!

    Claude Young
    BB's At Dawn (Original Mix) is the Bomb!!!

    Daniel Sanchez (Remote Area, 100% Pure, NL)
    Dark Chambers remix is TOP!

    Dimi Angelis
    Will play BB,s at Dawn mix. thnx!

    Dimitri Andreas
    This feels like a deep 90'ies underground techno party ready to take of. I like the Dark chambers remix. The fat kick is not 100% my taste at this moment, but I like the deepness. thanks!

    i like the dark chambers remix very much!

    Jeroen Search
    nice vibe on bb's at dawn!

    Luke Slater / Planetary Assault System
    Will certainly be tracking Original .Love the rest too

    Markus Suckut (Figure SPC, Stroboscopic Artefacts)
    BB's At Dawn for me! Thanks a lot!

    Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions)
    Dark Chambers mix for me.. Thanks!

    Orde Meikle / Slam (Soma Recordings)
    cool trax - will spin thanx

    Par Grindvik
    Feeling "BB's At Dawn", sweet one. thanks

    Support for the Dark Chambers Remix, thanks

    Sean Danke
    BB's At Dawn is really nice

    Sebastiaan Barends
    "BB's at Dawn" should not be played at dawn, but at peaktime! ;) Very nice indeed!

    Spacid (KozzMozz)
    Who Poisoned Ivy is a solid dancefloor track nothing ground breaking, but it's something that will work well on the floor my fav is the deeper dark chambers remix, i'll def play it.

    Stevie P (Thrill Recordings)
    BB's At Dawn does the trick for me.. cool hypnotic percussion! thanks.

    I like original version of Who Poisoned Ivy best

    Tom Hades (MB Elektroniks, Bedrock, Rhythm Converted)
    Title track is the winner ! Thanks ! :)

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    PsyTox °coincidence records / forteana records / kozzmozz°
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