Aftermovie – SonneMondSterne.X8 2014

Aftermovie – SonneMondSterne.X8 2014


René Blümel + Hein-Godehart Petschulat


Niklas J. Hoffmann, Hein-Godehart Petschulat, Hagen Wiel, Matthias Petzold

Minimix by Dirty Doering

Track 1: Ante Perry & Erhan Kesen „Follow You“, Katermukke

w&p by Ante Perry & Erhan Kesen
published by Sony ATV Edition Moonbootique or not Moonbootique and copyright control

Track 2: Rey & Kjavik/Dirty Doering „Follow Me“, Katermukke

w&p by Velten Doering, Rey & Kjavik at BY awake Studios (
published by Copyriot and Edition Allstar lll/Universal Music Publishing.

Track 3: Miyagi „This Must be love (Sascha Cawa & Dirty Doering Remix)“, Turnbeutel

w&p by Robert Wagenknecht

Track 4: Devil & Bride „Lonely Planet (Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa Remix)“, Katermukke

w&p by Martin Dahl, Tim Hendrik Haase, Fenia Franz

Track 5: Sascha Cawa & Dirty Doering „Curry“, Heinz Music

w&p by Sascha Cawa & Dirty Doering
published by Katermukke
C&P 2014 by Stil vor Talent


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