Interview: Housemeister

Interview: Housemeister


Martin Böehm aka Housemeister commence sa carrière de DJ en 1994. Influencé par le côté pop de la musique électronique (Pet Shop Boys, KLF, 2 Live Crew, Technotronic), il se fait remarquer avec ses excellentes prestations radio sur Kiss FM et Fritz Radio qui déclenchaient l’hystérie sur les ondes.
Les plus grands clubs berlinois se l’arrachent alors comme résident, on le retrouve ainsi aux mythiques Tresor, Polar TV, Maria, Matrix ou Ostgust, autant de clubs réputés qui le propulsent rapidement sur le devant de la scène grâce à des prestations electro/techno épiques qui le rendent indispensables dans les meilleurs soirées allemandes et les festivals tels que Nature One, SonneMondStern et la Love Parade.
Housemeister en profite pour lancer ses propres soirées “Who the fuck is Murphy” au Discount Club et à voir la lueur dans les yeux des berliners qui s’y rendaient, on comprend que l’on a affaire à un dj tout autant dévoué qu’allumé.
Il intègre ensuite le célébrissime label d’ Ellen Alien, B Pitch Control, sur lequel il signe 4 maxis qui s’arrachent dès leur sortie et se voient propulsés en têtes des charts des meilleurs djs internationaux. Housemeister est également le boss du label underground Berlin Kraft. How could you define your music? According to me, it is neither techno, nor house or minimal! Do you feel close to these vibes?
Housemeister: I think it’s a mix beetween techno electro industrial and hiphopaciddancemaniajackfuckyourselfbitch and ah!, party! Which vibes? Who the hell is that noize?
Housemeister: Me!? Who Is That Noize Remixes is now on shops. How did you choose the remixer for this last release?
Housemeister: Yes the remixes of my second album Who Is That Noize is now available as limited vinyl part 1 and 2 and as cd with nine remixes from Boys Noize, Siriusmo, Alexander Kowalski, Toktok, CLP, Neo Filigrante and a amazing dubstepmix from Unsportsmenlike, that’s dj skate from Berlin. You also get in on Beatport. I’m really proud of it and happy about and for me every remix is really really special! And for choosing the remixers I did an old german childrengame:

eene meene mopel,
wer frisst popel,
eene meene meck
und du bist weg!

No just jokin’! They are all friends of mine and I like what they do… Do you plan to release another remix album, but with Housemeister’s mixes?
Housemeister: No. You made some new versions of Boys Noize or Client’s stuff. Who are the future victims?
Housemeister: Oh at the moment I do a lot of remixes. I already finished a remix for Cassius, Alexander Kowalski and Zombie Nation, and at the moment I do tracks for CLP and Bonaparte. I read that before that experience, nobody had ever remixed a Housemeister track! Why?
Housemeister: I never asked! What about your label Allyoucanbeat? Who are the artists on there and the future releases?
Housemeister: First of all : AYCB is a really cool label! The most of the music I do, sometimes with friends and mostly alone. I do also the artwork of the label and the T-Shirts, stickers and basecap-stuff. For the future I also want to release some other artists, but later more about… Send me fresh electro stuff, when you like AYCB. Some tracks sounds very punchy and old school. Do you use old material? When you compose a track, is it a live session?
Housemeister: Yes I did and I use also the old way. I love my modified old and new machines, analog and digital also I love the sessions and I love to program stepsequencers. The difference between computer and external machines or synths is, that you first pay for that, you got a users manual and you have the chance to dominate the machine. The knobs are everytime on the same place and after some years you now from inside, what which knob does, like driving a car. Also interesting is, that every synth or drum machine has his own personality, like noises and mistakes, tightness and stuff. That brings the soul. The music lives! Do you also have an old school attitude? Analog or digital? Vinyl or MP3?
Housemeister: As DJ and home-listener: I love the analog vinyl! I like the big covers, the handlling and the soul. I read that you made music with your PSP. Could you tell us more about that?
Housemeister: Yes! It is really funny! It’s a program called Rhythm7, where you can load your own samples and arrange it like an oldschool-drummachine. The last gig with that was together with Boys Noize on the myspace-secret-show in Hamburg. It is not so easy, because you can’t mix the tracks, you have to load the newt one without music. That’s the reason, that I have my Kaosspad3 with me, where I can make fast some loops of the previous track and load the new one. But that’s the game. Likelike and the maintrack Who Is That Noize are completely produced with the PSP.


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